Food Service Program

WIld Plum Center knows that children need proper nutrition throughout the day so that their brains and bodies can function properly and they will be ready to learn. WPC provides 2/3 of a child's nutritonal requirements each day they are in school. Using the USDA Food Pyramid WPC offers breakfast and lunch to the morning classes and lunch and a snack to the afternoon classes.

Each WPC site has a fully-equipped kitchen and a trained cook. Working with the Colorado Child Adult Food Care Program and under the guidelines as set forth by the Boulder County Health Department, cooks prepare meals each day for all of the classrooms. Breakfast includes milk, fruit and whole grains. Lunch consists of milk, protein, fruit and vegetables and all snacks include milk, fruit and whole grains.

WPC does not use prepared food products and whole, fresh fruit and vegetables are offered as often as possible.

Meal menus are prepared on a monthly basis and are distributed to families in both English and Spanish, so that meals won't get duplicated at home.

A special treat for WPC children is the Food Friends Program. For 12 weeks a year, a wide variety of foods are brought into the classrooms for children to sample. Using puppets and colorful activity books, children learn about foods that they are not ordinarily exposed to. They also take part in new physical activities as part of Food Friends. For more information, visit

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